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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Couples, Individuals, & Family Therapy

C o u p l e' s T h e r a p y

As many of us know, having a loving and intimate relationship can add so many layers of love, joy, and meaning to our lives. Building and maintaining the connection and bonds of these relationships is vital to how we experience ourselves and our partners as well as how it shapes your lives together and whether or not the relationship will endure. Stronger bonds in our relationships predict greater well-being, personal/professional growth, and even a longer life span for you and your partner. Because these relationships are so important to us and touch so many contexts of our lives, it easy to understand why it can be so painful and disruptive when they are in distress. Some couples come to therapy in the building process to get and stay on the right track together and others come to repair attachments and/or enrich their bonds. Research shows that the earlier a couple enters therapy either to do preventative work or reparative work in the early stages of distress, the greater chances are of success in the outcome of their relationship. 

I work with all couples at all stages in their relationship, across many points of the life span, and through many life transitions, trauma, or crisis ranging from pre-marital therapy, couples therapy, re-marriage, separation and financial therapy. I work from a number of theoretical approaches but focus mostly on how emotional processes plays a critical role in relationships to drive the everyday patterns of your relationship regardless of the issues at hand. By identifying and understanding these patterns, it can create a positive platform for understanding one another, building empathy, and repairing trust. From this place of renewed hope, couples can then build or restore their bond and expand their capacity for a lifelong, loving connection together. 

I generally meet with couples 1-2 times to get a general sense of their relationship. If working together seems like a good fit for everyone, I will then see partners individually for one session and move forward conjointly from that point forward. 

I n d i v i d u a l  T h e r a p y

One of my greatest joys is working with individuals to improve the quality and meaning of their lives and relationships. We are all on our own journeys and are at different points of our process and at some junctures, we need and crave change. At other times, we just need a safe place to share our story or heal and process through events in our life. My hope is for my clients to feel respected, cared for, and heard, at whatever point in their process that they are. I feel that it is my role to be your agent in change or to provide that space for you to explore your needs. We work together to create an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable for you to challenge yourself to expand your experience and create positive, personal growth.

I see clients for many issues ranging from depression and/or anxiety, life transitions, adjustments, crisis/trauma, financial issues, relationship concerns, work/life balance, stress management, parenting, and grief/loss. Many times, therapy can entail a combined approach to multiple issues. Some clients come to therapy intentionally for a brief time and others engage with a longer vision for treatment in mind. What this will look like depends upon many factors for clients and it is fine to either define this initially or as your process unfolds. While the goal of therapy is not to remain in therapy perpetually, having long-term and trusting relationships with my clients allows me to experience them as life builds and grows, giving me richer context for treatment. For my clients, it allows for a a safe place for them to stay over time or return for follow up support and care as needed once therapy has ended.

F a m i l y  T h e r a p y 

In today's world, many of us have expanded our view and definition of what "family" means. It has been so fun to ask clients to define what family means to them. The answers range from very traditional views of what a family is to non-traditional views. Many of these answers are shaped and influenced by the families that we were raised in and while sometimes, they are the product of circumstances that are unique to our experience. The fact is that families today come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and each one is a unique and beautiful system unto its own. In my education, I became trained specifically in "systems" work so that I could work with couples and families as well as individuals. This view allows me to see individuals as vital members that shape and influence their systems as well as consider the family system as its own functioning entity. 

I strive to help families cope with the stress and challenges that are both typical and unique to their circumstances. Life transitions, stress, adjustments, crisis, trauma, creating balance, achieving health, medical issues, family/estate finances, 

improving communication in relationships and parenting are all examples of issues that clients present with in therapy. Families also come with the unique challenge of re-marrying and blending families which adds layers (and layers) of complexity to their existing and extended family and outside systems. Together, we will explore and navigate these waters to help your family move forward in the most positive way. In my work, I strive to provide an atmosphere where all members feel heard, respected, and equal and where each has a voice as well as a valued contribution. In this space, we are able to work to build understanding, empathy, connection, improve communication, find solutions, and work to build higher levels of family cohesiveness and satisfaction with the individuals in your system. 


My fees for Couple's, Individual, & Family Therapy are $175/hr. Please note that a full session fee is charged for appointments that are cancelled or missed without 48-hour notice to me via email, text, or phone. Thanks in advance for your understanding.



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