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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Divorce Prevention, Contemplation, & Navigation


U N S U R E   W A T E R S...

Sometimes, relationships reach a level where partners feel it is best to go their separate ways. This is a personal choice and in therapy, we explore this decision carefully.  As your therapist, I ultimately honor your decision as you are the experts in your own lives. My role is to help explore for possibilities and solutions with partners who are hoping to stay together or explore options for couples who want to explore separating. For those who have made the decision to separate, are already divorced, or are beginning the process, I offer either individual counseling to individual partners or couple's counseling and co-parent counseling to families to help them navigate the transition in the most positive way.

S T E P  B Y  S T E P. . .
O N E  D A Y  A T  A  T I M E 


In my experience of couples with children, counseling is essential to helping families heal more quickly from divorce and lessens the destructive damage that can sometimes be done during and after the process. I believe families can absolutely move forward positively and go through these adjustments successfully. Having the right foundation and tools for co-parenting is a critical piece of this. In therapy, we work together to create a plan for healing, communicating, and moving through your process with intention and integrity. Constructing this foundation provides the platform for cooperation from which you can set your children up for the best possible success in their lives, while maintaining their family relationships which is critical to their development. 

Leading and current research shows that a healthy co-parenting foundation provides a platform for children to adjust and thrive, becoming even more resilient in their environment. With the instability in today's world, this is even more important. Each co-parent needs to learn to live independently, navigate the waters of single parenting, and move on with their lives in other contexts. These are a lot of adjustments to make all at once and for kids, it can be extremely challenging as they find their way, building their understanding of their new normal, dealing with emotional and logistical changes of living in multiple homes, and relationship/social and school challenges. Imperative to their health and development is providing safety, security, constant reassurance, stability, and predictability in their lives. Co-parenting cooperation makes this possible and provides kids with the context that "everything is going to be OK." Many families will eventually also face the unique challenges of blending families and re-marriage. These challenges are often highly complex for everyone involved and can be made less complicated with proper support during building these new relationships and in advance.

Wherever you are in your process, together, we work through your family's issues and build inroads to your family's success, even if circumstances are less than ideal. To say that this process is hard is an understatement and healing, recovery and rebuilding takes time and hard work. I am committed to partnering in therapy with you to help your family navigate the challenges step by step, one day at a time and helping each of you see a future where you all can thrive in your lives.


My fee for Divorce Prevention, Contemplation, or Navigation is $175/hr. Please understand that there is a full session charge for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours-notice. Thank you for your understanding.  




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