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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

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R e c o m m e n d e d  R e a d i n g s 

Many clients find that reading outside of their session time promotes
not only greater success in their treatment, but overall health and well being.
So take some time, relax, and grab a great book.  I highly recommend the
following selections. Invest in yourself, your family, and the world at large~



Wired For Wealth
by Brad Klontz,Psy.D.,Ted Klontz, Ph.D.,and Rick Kahler,CFP®

Mind Over Money 
by Brad Klontz,Psy.D.,Ted Klontz, Ph.D.

The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge
by Brad Klontz,Psy.D.,Ted Klontz, Ph.D.,and Rick Kahler, CFP®

Financial Infidelity: Seven Steps to Conquering the #1 Relationship Wrecker 
by Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D.

Executive Health

Beating the 24/7: How Business Leaders Achieve a Successful Work/Life Balance
by Winston Fletcher

Managing Executive Health: Personal and Corporate Strategies for Sustained Success
by James Campbell Quick, Cary L. Cooper, Joanne H. Gavin, and Jonathan D. Quick

Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family
by Diane F. Halpern and Fanny M. Cheung

From Executive to Yogi in 60 Seconds - A Revolutionary Approach to Increasing Productivity, Profitability, and Personal Efficiency 
by Neeti Dewan

Family, Marriage, & Personal Development

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families
by Steven R. Covey

Growing Up Again - Second Edition: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children
by Connie Dawson and Jean Illsley Clarke

Family Ties That Bind : A Self Help Guide to Change Through Family of Origin Therapy
by Ronald W. Richardson

Why Marriages Succeed and Fail
by John Gottman

The Exceptional Seven Percent: The Nine Secrets of the Worlds Happiest Couples 
by Gregory K. Popcak

Happily Remarried: Making Decisions Together - Blending Families Successfully - Building a Love That Will Last 
by David Frisbie and Lisa Frisbie

Raising Children in Blended Families: Helpful Insights, Expert Opinions, and True Stories 
by Maxine Marsolini

The Case For Marriage
by Linda J. Waite andMaggie Gallagher

Fighting for Your Marriage
by Howard J. Marman, Soctt M. Stanley, and Susan L Blumberg


Positive Discipline
byJane Nelsen

Touchpoints - Birth to Three 
by Berry Brazelton and Joshua D. Sparrow (Look for more writings by Dr. Brazelton - a wealth of knowledge on child development)

Real Boys 
by William Pollack, Ph.D.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters, and Health
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Rasing an Emotionally Intelligent Child
by John Gottman, Joan Declaire, and Daniel Goleman

Smart but Scatterred: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential
by Peg Dauson, Ed.D. and Richard Guare, Ph.D.

Late, Lost, and Unprepared: A Parents' Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning
by Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D. and Laurie Kietzel, Ph.D.


Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing 
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet,
Weight Loss, and Long Term Health 

by Colin Cambell, Thomas M. Cambell II, Howard Lyman, and John Robbins

Master Your Metabolism
by Gillian Michaels

he Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: Whole Food Recipes and Personal and Planetary Health, Second Edition
by Alissa Segersten, Tom Malterre, MS, CN

New Beginnings: Divorce and Blended Families

The Good Divorce
by Constance Ahrons

Collaborative Divorce: A Revolutionary Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal issues, and Move on with Your Life
by Pauline Tessler and Peggy Thompson

Divorce and New Beginnings: A Complete Guide to Recovery, Solo Parenting, Co-parenting, and Step-families
by Genevieve Clapp, Ph.D.

Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce
by Diane Mercer, J.D., and Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.S., MSL

appily Remarried: Making Decisions Together - Blending Families Successfully - Building Love That Will Last
by David Frisbie and Lisa Frisbie

Raising Children in Blended Families: Helpful Insights, Expert Opinions, and True Stories

by Maxine Marsolini 
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