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Your Relationship...Happiness, Empowerment, and Endurance

P R E M A R I T A L  &  M A R I T A L  
E N R I C H M E N T   T H E R A P Y 

Is Your Relationship "Insured?"  Start Strong...Stay Strong.

Maybe you are getting married or your relationship just needs a "checkup?" Just as we would always make sure we are properly insured for life, home, & auto, Premarital and Marital Enrichment Therapy can help you insure one of the most important assets you'll ever have...Your Marriage.  In learning about your strengths, you find ways to capitalize on what you and your partner have already built together while discovering the growth areas of your relationship. This protects you against unexpected surprises down the road. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is planning on getting married or who wants to enrich or maintain their relationship.

As a certified provider, I use the Prepare & Enrich* assessment tool to help you take inventory of your relationship in a number of key areas. The inventory is designed to highlight the couple's positive strength areas and promote understanding and cooperation around inherent differences or growth areas. I customize the inventory for you specifically based on your individual circumstances so you know that the questions you answer are relevant specifically to you and your partner which optimizes scope of the results and increases the efficiency of our work together. I also include a special focus on Financial Issues as I believe that they are an essential piece to the foundation of any partnership.  Examples of the core areas that are researched in your relationship include:

Conflict Resolution
Personal Style and Habits
Financial Management
Leisure Activities
Sexuality and Affection
Family & Friends
Relationship Roles
Children and Parenting
Spiritual Beliefs
Personality Measurement
Personal Stress Profiles

In addition to building lifelong couple communication skills, you and your partner invest in your relationship together and build an understanding of where potential blind spots may be. The result is increased awareness of where you are already strong and potential areas that might come up over time where you can remain aware and receive additional support if needed.  Included in your therapy package are:

  • An Introductory 75 Minute Session
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Inventory Results 
  • Couple Sessions to Discuss Inventory Results
  • Copy of Your Score Data
  • 2 Couple's Workbooks for Each of You to Keep
  • One Complimentary 50 Minute Follow Up Session - One Year Post Therapy

  • Prepare & Enrich is as much a preventative tool for couples getting married as it is a "check-up" or "tune-up" for your relationship - just as we would go to the doctor to maintain our physical health or take in our car for regular maintenance. With our relationships being as important as they are to us, doesn't it make sense to invest  in them and maintain them as well? Many couples have enjoyed building stronger relationships and marriages in the 30 years that Prepare & Enrich has been scientifically improving and updating their research on couples. This research has demonstrated that through using Prepare & Enrich, you can improve your relationship skills and increase the likelihood of your happiness together.


Fees for Couples Sessions are $145/hr. Number of sessions in package depends couple needs; generally couples use 8-10 sessions after the initial isession for a total of 11 sessions with a complimentary follow up session. *
Prepare & Enrich is an inventory designed by Life Innovations, Inc. For more information, please email or call me at carin@carincatalano.com or
(206) 310-4130. You may also visit the Prepare Enrich website at